Anita Jotwani


The Name says it all! 1000 Petaled Lotus Yoga Academy has a blissful experience which can be felt as soon as you step inside. I am sooo glad that I chose this yoga school as it was an experience of a lifetime. I recommend this Yoga School above and beyond any others. I did my RYT200, starting Sept, 2017 and I couldn’t be happier with the choice I made!! This will be a long review as I wish to explain the reason behind making such a statement…. If you are fortunate enough to choose 1000 Petaled Lotus Yoga School and if you approach the course with an open mind and a positive attitude, you will most likely gain the best results as our group did and I can assure you will depart physically and mentally energised and rejuvenated!! Firstly the teacher and instructor Dr. Kasi is a thorough gentleman, who is full of positivity and charm made me believe that “yoga is not for the flexible but for the willing” Only an open mind and a strong breath is all that is required to excel in the course! His guidance, support and positive attitude made me believe i could do so many asanas which earlier I only dreamed about!! On the top of that he was super gentle, patient and always smiling. The school not only teaches the asanas but the work goes way beyond that to expand your awareness and take ur practice to a whole new level. It offers a well rounded and holistic approach to your practice and forms teachers that go beyond yoga as a pure acrobatic modality! This School has a scientific approach to Yoga, we learnt about anatomy, physiology, yoga philosophy, yogic diet and affect of yoga at the energetic level. This school prepares you to teach like an expert. As after finishing the course an extensive training is given on how to cue the asanas, how to sequence the poses, art of adjustments, holistic biomechanics, yoga ethics and how to give a class in a wholesome manner. Inspite of tons of information given in theory lectures not even on a single occasion did i feel bored or monotonous! All in all it was an enriching and rewarding experience!! All you have to do is come here with an open mind and willingness to grow and expand ur awareness…. the rest will be taken care off 🙂