Unique and Concise Yoga Program
Specially curated for aspiring yoga teachers
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Access from the comfort of your home
Self paced modules with ease into your daily life.
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Deep knowledge of anatomy, physiology and psychology
Learn how practice of yoga affects and helps transform physical body
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We Have Trained More Than 350 Yoga Teachers in their continuing education

100 Hours of online yoga therapy course​

We’re giving you the space, the guidance to take your passion for yoga teaching to the next level and the opportunity to include everyone in your yoga class.

You will receive an international certificate valid with Yoga Alliance USA and REPs UAE (Registry of Exercise Professionals in the UAE), and recognized all over the world.

Course Offer  & Informations

  • 100 Hours of online yoga therapy course​
  • More than 30 different  disease conditions and how yoga helpful in those conditions
  • Knowledge about applied anatomy

Course Duration

  • 4 Months Online Course

You will learn to teach 140+ poses, breathing exercises, meditation techniques  for people with various conditions.

You will learn how to customize yoga for a one to one classes.

This is the most elaborate 100 Hours Online Therapy Course

At 1000 Petaled Lotus Yoga center, we provide you an enriched learning environment that has helped countless students get ahead. We have flexible schedules that will be convenient for everyone.This makes it much easier for attendees not to miss out of modules.

  • 30 Hours of Practice hands on training
  • 60 Hours of Online Lectures
  • 10 Hours of Teaching assignment

Course Curriculum:-

What we teach in this 100 Hours of Yoga Therapy Course?

We at 1000 petals have compiled a unique and concise yoga continuing education program specially curated for aspiring yoga teachers who have completed their yoga teacher training and want to deepen their clinical knowledge of yoga and learn how to address  common problems faced by clients during yoga sessions.

This course includes a series of online lectures which you can access from the comfort of your home anytime through our self paced modules so it doesn’t affect your day to day commitments and also flow in with ease into your daily life.

This is good opportunity for you to reconnect with your own self through deep knowledge of anatomy, physiology and psychology of the human body and how practice of yoga affects and helps transform physical body into blissful body free from disease and full of contentment and eternal happiness , to find your true purpose of existence and in turn help those trapped in the physical bondages to be free.

Yoga For Holistic Healing

1.Yoga and Mental wellbeing
2.Yoga for musculoskeletal health
3.Yoga for postural correction.
4.Yoga for the elderly
5.yoga and digestive system
6.Yoga for migraine, Headache, neck pain
7.Yoga for respiratory conditions
8.Yoga and Obesity
9.Yoga and Ayurveda
10.Blissful meditation
11.Yoga for healthy immune system
12.Yoga for Balance
13.Yoga for skin conditions
14.Yoga for Endocrine system
15.Yoga for circulatory system
16.Yoga and reproductive health
17.Yoga in sciatica pain
18.Yoga in chronic pain
19.Yoga in pregnancy
20.Yoga in cancer therapy
21.Yoga and Tridosha
22.Mudra science
23.Yoga and the 5 senses
24.Yoga for osteoporosis
25.Yoga for eating disorder
26.Yoga and ankle joint
27.Yoga and 7 chakras
28.Yoga and Diet
29.Sattvic nutrition
30.Kids Yoga

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