Hatha Yoga

Power Yoga – power yoga is very popular modern type of yoga as an exercise. The Yoga emphasis on physical postures,, you can expect that this class as a workout style of yoga, especially targeting the muscles of abdomen, quadriceps and glutes, producing enormous heat during practise.

The power Yoga class is the best for those who wants to build strength and endurance, our trained instructors will give step by step instructions to move in and move out of the pose safely while you get the maximum benefits of the practise. at the end of the class will feel the bless the respective of you being a beginner or an advanced practitioner.

This class usually starts with an introduction about the class the instructor will ask you for your injury history, your intention for the practice and the practice start by focusing on the breath, warmup for the whole body followed by classical sun salutation or power sun salutation.

The class will then focus on a lot of standing and wide leg standing poses. Most of the poses will be done against the gravity, one can expect they will be doing more standing poses than the seated poses. Surprisingly the teacher may also teach you an arm balance or preparation for head stands.

Core strength , working on the muscles of the Quadriceps / Glutes is what one can expect form a power yoga class, which build strength and stamina.

The class will then end on the sweet part of the practice guided relaxation.

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